Small Bites

Shoestring Fries with Sriracha Aioli $7.00
Roti Canai with house made peanut sauce $7.00
Arancini Mushroom Tom Yum (4pcs.)
fried Italian rice balls stuffed with mushroom Tom Yum served with Lime Mayo
Prawn Dumpling (4pcs.)
steamed ginger & garlic prawns dumpling served with house made chili black vinaigrette
Nachos Nahm Prik Nuum
crispy corn chips, Thai style chili beef sauce, tomato salsa, smashed avocado, sour cream, red long chili & melted cheddar cheese
Salt & Leon Pepper Squid
with naam jim chili, spring onion, garlic, salt, lemon & pepper
Sai Ouah Lanna Sausage
aromatic herbs & spice pork sausage Chiang Mai Style served with crunchy salad & roasted peanut
Paw Pia Puk (4pcs.)
fried vegetable spring rolls served with house made plum sauce
Sate Kai (4pcs.)
grilled marinated chicken skewer served with house made peanut sauce


Tom Yum Soup
Famous Thai hot & sour soup with mushroom, baby corn, tomatoChoice of:
Seasonal Vegetables & Tofu $11.60 | Chicken $13.60 | Prawn $15.00 | Seafoods $16.60 Single Portion
Seasonal Vegetables & Tofu $13.60 | Chicken $15.60 | Prawn $17.60 | Seafoods $18.00 Share Portion

BBQ, Roast & Fried

Kai Yang
lemongrass chicken thigh fillet served with house made sweet chili sauce
Neur Yang
black pepper porterhouse served with Nam Jaw
Moo Yang
Soya honey pork neck served with Nam Jaw
Roast Crispy Lamb
spice lamb back strap served with Nam Jaw
Trio of Mixed Grill & Roast
Your choice of combination *Chicken/Beef/Pork/Lamb)
Baked Salmon Fillet
with coriander & garlic pesto served with crispy salad & Nam Jim Seafood
Tumaric Fried Snapper
served with Thai Mixed herbs, granny smith apple, lime, roasted cashew nut & Nam Yum


Gang Massaman Lamb
slow cook lamb shoulder in rich aromatic curry with, onion, roasted sweet potato & peanut
Gang Keaw Waan Kai
sliced chicken breast fillet, wild ginger, Thai eggplant, green bean, zucchini, broccoli, basil in spicy famous Thai green curry sauce
Gang Phanaeng Neur
slow cook chunky diced silverside with lime leaf & red long chili in rich sweet & sour curry sauce served with steamed green
Gang Garee Roasted Japanese Pumpkin
aromatic vegetable curry with roasted pumpkin, eggplant, tomato, broccoli and cashew nut

Noodle & Rice

BKK Spicy Phat Thai
wok tossed rice noodles with sweet radish, dried baby shrimp, tofu, garlic chives, bean sprouts, crushed roasted peanuts
Choice of: Vegetables & Tofu $14.60 | chicken $16.00 | Prawns $18.00
Chicken Mee Goreng
stir-fried Hokkien noodle with chicken, squid, seasonal vegetables and sambal sauce
Kao Phat
Thai style fried rice with onion, Chinese broccoli, tomato & spring onion
Choice of: Vegetables & Tofu $14.60 | chicken $16.00 | Prawns $18.00
Combination Nasi Goreng
spicy fried rice with prawns, chicken and seasonal vegetables in chili garlic sambal sauce served with 2 fried egg
Tom Yum Fried Rice
aromatic Thai herbs & spice fried rice with prawns, egg, baby corn, mushroom, tomato & spring onion

Wok Stir Fried

Chili Jam Crispy Chicken with Chestnut
fried chicken, onion, chestnut, roasted chili, carrot, spring onion, broccoli, and chili jam sauce
Ginger Garlic Chicken with Mushroom
sliced chicken breast, onion, baby corn, mushroom, ginger & garlic sauce
Chili Basil Chicken with Eggplant
minced chicken, onion, eggplant, red long chili, basil & chili sauce
Black Pepper Garlic Beef with Broccoli
sliced rump beef, onion, broccoli, black pepper & garlic sauce
Oyster Beef with Chinese Broccoli & Mushroom
sliced rump beef, onion, broccoli, mushroom, light oyster sauce
Yellow Bean Chili Pork with Green Vegies
sliced BBQ pork, onion, Chinese broccoli, sugar snap pea, zucchini, yellow bean chili & garlic sauce
Prink Khing Twice Cooked Pork with Green Bean
sliced grilled pork, onion, green bean, kaffir lime, red long chili, dried curry sauce
Jungle Lamb with Thai Eggplant
sliced Lamb back strap, onion, Thai eggplant, red long chili, cherry tomato, lime leaf, wild ginger, chili & garlic sauce
Yeera Lamb with Sataw Bean & Red Pepper
sliced Lamb back strap, onion, south east Asian twisted cluster bean, red pepper, dried chili, garlic cumin spice sauce
Sambal Prawn with Sugar Snap Pea
prawns, onion, sugar snap pea, crispy shallot, sambal sauce
Pad Cha Seafood with Green Pepper Corn & Kra Chai
prawns, squid, mussel, onion, red long chili, green pepper corn, zucchini, chili garlic wild ginger sauce

Vegetarian Stir Fried

Chili Garlic Super Green
kale, sugar snap pea, Chinese broccoli, broccoli, zucchini, onion, garlic & chili light oyster sauce
Ginger Soy Seasonal Mushroom
mixed mushroom, sugar snap pea, onion, baby corn, red long chili, ginger & garlic light soy sauce
Basil Chili Roasted Pumpkin & Tofu
roasted pumpkin, tofu, onion, green bean, red long chili, basil, garlic & chili sauce


Steamed Jasmine Rice $3.00
Brown Rice $3.60
Roti Canai $4.00


Thai Coconut Cake
pistachio crumble, toasted coconut, salted palm sugar syrup and mango sorbet ice cream
Lime Pandan Panna Cotta
seasonal fruit, strawberry & Pandan coconut ice cream
Two Flavor Ice Cream
Mango sorbet & Pandan Coconut ice cream with strawberry
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