Winter Special

Small Bites

Keaw Koong Tod (9pcs.)  golden prawns wonton served with house made sweet chili sauce $10.60
Nahm Prik Ong Neur  Northern style chili beef dipping sauce served with roti canai $8.50


Prawns Wonton Soup  onion, broccoli & fresh bean shoot $12.60
Weekly Special Soup  Please ask our waitress $10.60

Curry, Fried & Wok Stir-Fried

Gang Som Salmon (Spicy)  sour orange curry of salmon with katuri flower, green bean, baby corn, gailan & cherry tomato (clear curry without coconut cream) $19.00
Tamarind Crispy Duck  twice cooked duck leg with tamarind sauce, crispy shallot, garlic, lychee & steam green $23.00
Pad Pong Karee Seafood  prawns, squids, mussel, softshell crab, onion, red long chili, spring onion, egg, creamy curry sauce $22.50
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